lemonade stand 3

Small Town Living in the City

Nothing says “small town America” like a kid’s lemonade stand, and our recent heat wave inspired a whole new crop of citrus entrepreneurs on the East Side of Providence. There is something irresistible about a lemonade stand. Sunburned kids jumping up … Continue reading


Running Away in Borrowed Shoes

The Starbucks at Wayland Square is somewhat akin to a small town general store or post office. While waiting in line, you are bound to see someone you know and the community bulletin board is always worth a look. I love to scan the annoucements … Continue reading

Elizabeth Park, Hartford, Ct Rose Garden

Drive two hours to get a haircut?

It is a blessing and a curse to be less than 2 hours’ drive from my previous residence in Hartford, Connecticut. The first six months after we moved to Providence, it seemed like I made the trip back every few … Continue reading