Neither Fall nor Winter

New England is blessed with four distinct seasons, each so beautiful it’s hard to pick a favorite—although our autumns are particularly spectacular. Even the “in-between” seasons are lovely in Providence—like now, when the trees have lost their leaves and before … Continue reading


Acme Video

Update: Acme Video is no longer in business. I am a sucker for businesses that operate in old buildings; cafes in gussied-up train depots or bicycle shops in former garages. I was dismayed when the New Britain Museum of American Art … Continue reading

lemonade stand 3

Small Town Living in the City

Nothing says “small town America” like a kid’s lemonade stand, and our recent heat wave inspired a whole new crop of citrus entrepreneurs on the East Side of Providence. There is something irresistible about a lemonade stand. Sunburned kids jumping up … Continue reading

Bike Brigade - Nelson & Michelle

Market Research

Last week two of my office mates and I met at the Rochambeau Library on a chilly Wednesday morning. We were a rag-tag trio: Michelle, svelte in her cycling gear, chatting about the merits of “clipping in;” Nelson, bent over a pump, … Continue reading


Easiest Easter Egg Hunt Ever

This is the first time since my daughter’s birth 16 years ago, that I didn’t do a darn thing for Easter. No plastic eggs filled with jelly beans or coins, hidden in house plants and sofa cushions. No flimsy basket … Continue reading


In Praise of Potholes

Providence is a small city with big dreams. Luckily, repairing roads and filling potholes are not among them. The long grind of winter and an even longer recession have not been kind to our streets. Chunks of pavement disappear overnight. … Continue reading


Running Away in Borrowed Shoes

The Starbucks at Wayland Square is somewhat akin to a small town general store or post office. While waiting in line, you are bound to see someone you know and the community bulletin board is always worth a look. I love to scan the annoucements … Continue reading


Laundry Club

“I’m going to walk down to The Laundry Club. Anyone want to come?” No one in my house even looked up. It was their loss. Not only did I enjoy the short stroll in the cool evening air to Wayland … Continue reading

Beavertail State Park

A Trip to South County

I just spent a week in a rented cottage in Wickford, a village of North Kingstown. It is 30 minutes south of my home on the East Side of Providence. It was one of the best vacations I have ever … Continue reading