In Praise of Potholes

Providence is a small city with big dreams. Luckily, repairing roads and filling potholes are not among them. The long grind of winter and an even longer recession have not been kind to our streets. Chunks of pavement disappear overnight. … Continue reading

Vintage photo

Bicycle Deja Vu

35 years ago I couldn’t wait to get rid of my bike. It was baby blue with big fenders and fat tires. I don’t remember whether it had a basket on the front, but it definitely had a wide seat … Continue reading


Power of Place Summit

Spending nine hours with a bunch of town planners, architects, engineers, and real estate developers may not appeal to you, but I loved every minute of it! The occasion was the biannual GrowSmartRI summit at the Rhode Island Convention Center … Continue reading

Bike parked in Jewelry District

Bicycles in Providence

I wish I was a more confident bicyclist. It seems like such a sensible way to get around, especially in a compact city like Providence. I’m not saying it’s ideal; rush hour pits bikes against SUVs, College Hill might as … Continue reading

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MBTA commuter rail map

Riding the Rails

I’ve lived in Miami and Atlanta, so I know the pain of sitting in traffic, dodging aggressive drivers, and watching the gas gauge inch towards “empty” on my drive to and from work. Even a short trip that should take … Continue reading

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