Neither Fall nor Winter

New England is blessed with four distinct seasons, each so beautiful it’s hard to pick a favorite—although our autumns are particularly spectacular. Even the “in-between” seasons are lovely in Providence—like now, when the trees have lost their leaves and before … Continue reading

Little Free Library book selection

Little Free Library

Providence is a great town for readers. We are blessed with several independent book shops including the Brown Bookstore, Books on the Square, Paper Nautilus, and Cellar Stories. We have a wonderful library system with branches all over the city. Now … Continue reading

Imperial Pearl Exterior

Imperial Pearl

With Christmas just a few weeks away and several nieces to shop for, I decided to check out the factory sale at Imperial Pearl in East Providence. Although I arrived just as the doors were opening, the parking lot was already … Continue reading


Acme Video

Update: Acme Video is no longer in business. I am a sucker for businesses that operate in old buildings; cafes in gussied-up train depots or bicycle shops in former garages. I was dismayed when the New Britain Museum of American Art … Continue reading

lemonade stand 3

Small Town Living in the City

Nothing says “small town America” like a kid’s lemonade stand, and our recent heat wave inspired a whole new crop of citrus entrepreneurs on the East Side of Providence. There is something irresistible about a lemonade stand. Sunburned kids jumping up … Continue reading

Prov Tango mural

Behind Door Number One

Ever walk past a house and wonder what lies behind the front door?  Or yearn to take a peek over the backyard fence? For me, access to such private spaces is one of the pleasures of being a real estate agent, … Continue reading

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Bike Brigade - Nelson & Michelle

Market Research

Last week two of my office mates and I met at the Rochambeau Library on a chilly Wednesday morning. We were a rag-tag trio: Michelle, svelte in her cycling gear, chatting about the merits of “clipping in;” Nelson, bent over a pump, … Continue reading


Spotted in Providence

I doubt that I’m the only person thrilled to see a Tesla automobile in Providence, but I may be the only one willing to circle around the block and come back to take photos of it. I was stopped at a traffic light … Continue reading


In Praise of Potholes

Providence is a small city with big dreams. Luckily, repairing roads and filling potholes are not among them. The long grind of winter and an even longer recession have not been kind to our streets. Chunks of pavement disappear overnight. … Continue reading

City worker painting fire alarm

In Case of Emergency, Pull Lever

I thought the distinctive fire alarms on street corners throughout the East Side were relics of a bygone era. Ever since I moved to Providence, I’ve watched them get increasingly rusty—sad reminders of pinched municipal budgets and archaic technology. Recently, … Continue reading