Imperial Pearl Exterior

Imperial Pearl

With Christmas just a few weeks away and several nieces to shop for, I decided to check out the factory sale at Imperial Pearl in East Providence. Although I arrived just as the doors were opening, the parking lot was already … Continue reading

Bike Brigade - Nelson & Michelle

Market Research

Last week two of my office mates and I met at the Rochambeau Library on a chilly Wednesday morning. We were a rag-tag trio: Michelle, svelte in her cycling gear, chatting about the merits of “clipping in;” Nelson, bent over a pump, … Continue reading


In Praise of Potholes

Providence is a small city with big dreams. Luckily, repairing roads and filling potholes are not among them. The long grind of winter and an even longer recession have not been kind to our streets. Chunks of pavement disappear overnight. … Continue reading

City worker painting fire alarm

In Case of Emergency, Pull Lever

I thought the distinctive fire alarms on street corners throughout the East Side were relics of a bygone era. Ever since I moved to Providence, I’ve watched them get increasingly rusty—sad reminders of pinched municipal budgets and archaic technology. Recently, … Continue reading

Old Stone Bank, South Main Street Providence

The Old Stone Bank

I would love to see the inside of the Old Stone Bank at 86 South Main Street. I first caught a glimpse of it while admiring the view from the Governor Stephen Hopkins House museum on Planet Street. A museum … Continue reading

Footpath at Pleasant Valley Parkway, Elmhurst

Dreaming in Green: Elmhurst

As I prepare to resume “my fabulous career in real estate,” I’ve been exploring every corner of Providence. Sometimes it is by intention, other times by happenstance. Those serendipitous discoveries are my favorite. As so often happens, I was on … Continue reading

Detail of mill building, Woonsocket RI

A Trip to Woonsocket

The Rhode Island Historic Preservation & Heritage Commission held its annual conference in Woonsocket this year. Being a new resident of the state, it seemed like a good opportunity to learn more about this beleaguered mill town on the Blackstone … Continue reading

Shea High School Pawtucket RI

High School Puts Virtues & Vices on Display

Zipping south on East Avenue in Pawtucket one morning, something about Shea High School caught my eye. I’d admired the imposing Art Moderne building before, but this time I decided to park the car and take a closer look. My … Continue reading



Not long after I moved to Providence, my father, who grew up in nearby Bristol, flew in from Florida for a visit. Among other things, he wanted to see what remained of the Union Wadding textile plant in Pawtucket where … Continue reading