Neither Fall nor Winter

imageNew England is blessed with four distinct seasons, each so beautiful it’s hard to pick a favorite—although our autumns are particularly spectacular.

Even the “in-between” imageseasons are lovely in Providence—like now, when the trees have lost their leaves and before the snow magically transforms the barren landscape into a winter wonderland.

On a recent walk around my East Side neighborhood, the gloomy day revealed an unexpected bounty of colors and textures; bright green moss on a craggy black tree imagetrunk; tawny cascades of ornamental grasses in a manicured yard; and silvery white Dusty Miller leaves, drooping from a hard frost.

There were pops of red from the holly bushes and a yellowy camouflage pattern on a rain-soaked tree trunk.image

Everywhere I looked, I saw something beautiful, but easy to miss unless walking at a leisurely pace. Luckily, that’s my specialty—strolling so slowly I might be mistaken for loitering!


About Victoria Rogers

My family and I moved to Providence in August of 2011. This is my fourth move in 20 years. I intend to make it my last one! I am an agent with William Raveis Real Estate in Providence, Rhode Island. I'm licensed in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

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