Little Free Library

Little Free Library at 90 Irving Avenue

Providence is a great town for readers. We are blessed with several independent book shops including the Brown Bookstore, Books on the Square, Paper Nautilus, and Cellar Stories. We have a wonderful library system with branches all over the city. Now bookworms have a new way to feed their bibliomania in the form of Little Free Libraries.

You may have passed a Little Free Library without realizing it. They often look like a bird house or mailbox perched close to the sidewalk. They may or may not come from the non-profit where it all began, A Little Free Library can be as simple as a box full of books or as grand as a miniature Victorian mansion.

Little Free Library on Brown Streeet

Jordan Fox-Kemper and her Little Free Library on Brown Street. Photo courtesy The Providence Journal/Kris Craig

The motto is Take a Book, Leave a Book, and that’s exactly what happens: visitors are free to browse the collection and take a book (or two) home. Ideally, they’ll either return the book or contribute another one to the collection on a later visit, but it’s all on the honor system.

There are Little Free Libraries scattered around Providence, including the newest one on Irving Avenue near Wayland Square. You can follow this Little Free Library on twitter @ProvidenceLFL and get updates on what’s being added to the collection each day.

Little Free Library at Potter Park

Little Free Library at Potter Park

You’ll also find Little Free Libraries at Potter Park and on College Hill. If the Library was purchased from the non-profit Little Free, it will have a registration plate and be listed on the organization’s website. Unfortunately, they are having trouble getting more recent Libraries posted on the interactive map at their site, so you’ll have to scroll through the list until you find your state and look for Libraries near your home.

Next time you are out for a walk, keep an eye open for one of these neighborhood gems!


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