Spotted in Providence

IMG_0825I doubt that I’m the only person thrilled to see a Tesla automobile in Providence, but I may be the only one willing to circle around the block and come back to take photos of it.

I was stopped at a traffic light near Eddy Street and noticed the emblem on the trunk of the car parked beside me. It helped that the license plate read “TESLA.”

I was amused to see a parking ticket stuck on the windshield. No one should be immune from the City’s parking ordinances, but given how much the owner must already pay in taxes for the privilege of registering the vehicle here, I might have given them a pass this one time.

Credit: Berkshire Fine Arts

Credit: Berkshire Fine Arts

I’m also not too proud to admit to being a little star-struck when my path crossed that of Paula Vogel, a famous playwright back in Rhode Island from a stint at Yale.

I meet a lot of people in my career as a real estate agent. As a result, everyone starts to look familiar. In fact, when I met the incognita Ms. Vogel, I told her that her name rang a bell, and that I was certain we had met before. “Perhaps at an Open House?” I inquired earnestly.

She is a modest person and suggested that it might have been at Trinity Rep.

No sooner were the words out of her mouth than I had made the connection: I “knew” her because she is a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer whose work I had seen at TheaterWorks in Hartford and read about in The New York Times.

And, just to keep things “real,” I offer this photo that I cannot begin to IMG_0551explain. I found it parked at the main post office at 24 Corliss Street in Providence back in the fall.

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My family and I moved to Providence in August of 2011. This is my fourth move in 20 years. I intend to make it my last one! I am an agent with William Raveis Real Estate in Providence, Rhode Island. I'm licensed in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

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