Beavertail State Park

A Trip to South County

I just spent a week in a rented cottage in Wickford, a village of North Kingstown. It is 30 minutes south of my home on the East Side of Providence. It was one of the best vacations I have ever … Continue reading

hissing cat 3

Flyer Art

Here’s another thing I love about Providence—even the handmade flyers for tag sales and lost dogs are artfully crafted and usually very clever. I assume the bounty of visually arresting notices is due to the creative vibe of the city. … Continue reading


RISD Student Show

One of the best things about living in a college town is the abundance of free or nearly-free cultural offerings. I’ve enjoyed a lecture by the author John Barry (Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul) at the … Continue reading


Where Are the Bees?

This is my first spring in Providence, and I am reveling in the greenery that abounds throughout the city. And the “reddery,” “pinkery,” and “yellowery!” The flowers are amazing. Cascades of roses beg for attention. I often oblige them, burying … Continue reading

Vintage photo

Bicycle Deja Vu

35 years ago I couldn’t wait to get rid of my bike. It was baby blue with big fenders and fat tires. I don’t remember whether it had a basket on the front, but it definitely had a wide seat … Continue reading