Up Close on Hope Festival Ballet Providence

Fun in Providence, part 1

I’ve been fortunate to live in Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, and Hartford.┬áLuckily, the pleasures of each of those cities are also available here. Providence has the same artsy energy as Miami (admittedly minus its go-go international flavor); an abundance of great … Continue reading

Shea High School Pawtucket RI

High School Puts Virtues & Vices on Display

Zipping south on East Avenue in Pawtucket one morning, something about Shea High School caught my eye. I’d admired the imposing Art Moderne building before, but this time I decided to park the car and take a closer look. My … Continue reading

Mural, Westminster Street, Providence

City of Murals

Philadelphia took a whole lotta lemons and made a tall, delicious glass of lemonade out of them. Years ago, the city turned the energies of its graffiti artists to a value-added project: The Mural Arts Program. Now, tourists come specifically … Continue reading

For rent sign

Investing in Providence

When my family prepared to move to Providence last summer, we initially looked for multi-family properties. We loved the idea of living in one unit while the other(s) subsidized our mortgage. As “city folk,” we’ve never had a problem sharing … Continue reading



My first visit to Olneyville, one of Providence’s oldest neighborhoods, was an early-morning run to pick up two doors from L. Sweet Lumber Company. Luckily no one was behind me as I crept along, agog at the many once-grand homes … Continue reading