MBTA commuter rail map

Riding the Rails

I’ve lived in Miami and Atlanta, so I know the pain of sitting in traffic, dodging aggressive drivers, and watching the gas gauge inch towards “empty” on my drive to and from work. Even a short trip that should take … Continue reading

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Cellar Stories Book Store Providence Rhode Island

There’s something about a bookstore…

I spent several years working at a wonderful independent bookstore in Miami called Books & Books. While there, I had the privilege of watching owner Mitchell Kaplan in action. His particular brand of book selling meant nurturing local authors, starting the Miami … Continue reading

Brown University Bear

Now I can say I attended an Ivy League school

My husband jokes that he has benefitted from “diploma inflation,” since the school he attended for his Master’s degree has gone from being an extension of the local community college to something of a regional powerhouse. I, meanwhile, am a … Continue reading

Fox Point Doorway

Providence on foot

One of the best things about Providence is it’s compact size. This puts virtually everything I want within walking distance of my home. In fact, when we first moved here, I launched an “East Side Walking Tour.” I set a … Continue reading

East Side of Providence, RI

New Year, New Home

My family and I moved to Providence from Hartford this summer. Those of you who are familiar with my previous blog know how much I loved my West End neighborhood and city living. We left because my husband took a job … Continue reading